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Best Cocktail Bars

Putting Up Your Own Cocktail Bar


Finding your own niche at the high-end market of cocktail bars in Birmingham in the hospitality industry is difficult but potentially profitable. However, it is not just the idea of attracting celebrities to try your bar, as a form of advertisement, but that there are many points to consider in setting up one. Therefore, planning is very critical as this can spell whether your business will make it or not. Bear in mind that there are many factors to consider, such as finding a prominent location, one that is prestigious for celebrities to easily hang out and be seen. But more important is giving premium service with a high degree of professionalism by your staff.


There are endless opportunities, as well as endless ideas, in this kind of business. That's why starting it right by planning well can help lay out strategies to meet your goals. The first thing to weigh on would be defining and understanding who your target clientele will be. By doing so, you can narrow down on specifics such that your investments and efforts are entirely dependent on the capacity of customers you are aiming at. A good example is the purchase of wines, liquors, beers must be carefully identified as to which will have more customer preference, most especially on the kind of customer market you're looking for.


With respect to cocktail menu, start with just enough choices for customers to explore and experiment. Having too many items can be overwhelming and create a tendency for customers to order one that they are familiar with. In addition, with too many in the menu, your staff will have to be trained in all of the cocktail mixes and will have to be oriented on what the product entails, and this can add up cost. Better to concoct your own house cocktail mix which can nurture a good following and see if this spells success.


Good service coming from well-mannered and professional staff can put you on a cutting edge over other cocktail bars. Finding the right people with a positive attitude and willing to work as a team and possess a good personality will truly bring your bar to momentum. Of course, training them on a regular basis should always be a part of their evaluation to ensure quality of service.


Finally, the quantity of glassware is equally important as the consideration of cocktail bar in Birmingham supplies and equipment. In practice, you should be able to quantify the number of glasses needed to have an efficient flow of service. A good measure, which is normally practiced, is to ratio the number of glasses to the number of customers. An example is for a 100 person capacity, you need to stack 300 glasses of varying sorts - 100 high-balls, 70 wine glasses, 40 shot glasses, 40 rock glasses, and 50 martini glasses.